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Institutional Philosophy

The philosophy of CMC for its programs in Cambodia is an organization directly to improve the socioeconomic household of Cambodian rural people and to attend in reducing the dualism-economic structure of the Country.

Program Goals and Objectives

Base on the own philosophy the long-term goals of CMC focus to reduce the economical dualist structure in our target area. These goal means that the overall programs of CMC emphasize to improve the living standard of the poor and poorest people of Cambodia in CMC's target area.

CMC concern itself with the people who are at or who are close to the button of the poverty scale in the CMC's target area, those people shall improve its household economics in order to participate whether as passive or active people in the socioeconomic of their Country. Therefore, in a short and median time CMC will focus its attention in working directly to reduce the household expenditure and to improve the household incomes of CMC's Beneficiaries.

In order to reach these goals CMC has and carries out 4 objectives which are concerning with (1) the charity, (2) improving the health system for the Communities, (3) supporting the education for the Communities and (4) promoting the small and median enterprise (SME) or family businesses in the Communities.