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Bank Account of CMC in Cambodia

  • Name of the Bank: Cambodian Commercial Bank Ltd.
  • Account Name: The Center of Miltenberg-Cambodia
  • Bank Account: 001-2-01435-4-840
  • Address: 26 Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Swift Code: SICOKHPP
      1. Private Donors in Cambodia  
        • H.E. Hunly OEUR, Adviser for RGC, Secretary of State
        • Mr. CHAN Bonnivoit, Initiator and one of the Founders of CMC
      2. Private Donors in Germany
        • Family of Mrs. and Mr. Miltenberger in Mönchberg, Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany (One of the Founders of CMC).
        • Family of Dr. Nobert Schuessler in Mönchberg, Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany.
        • Family of Mr. Joachim Oberle in Elsenfeld, Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany.
        • Family of Bettina Hofman in Darmstadt, State of Hessen, Germany
        • Andrea Behm in Munich, State of Bavaria, Germany
        • Heidrun Zigle coming from Germany, former Adviser of local NGO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
        • Mrs. Anne Ernst coming from Germany, former Advocacy Adviser of STAR CAMBODIA (NGO) in Cambodia

    1. Private Donors in Austria
      • Mrs. Renate Swistelnicki, in Vienna.
      • Mrs. Dr. Edith Hoerz-Schuch, in Vienna.
    2. Private Donors in Switzerland
      • Family of Mr. Peter Baumann and Annemarie Baumann in Bern, Switzerland
      • Luisa Furrer, Weidstr. 1, 8135 Langnau a.A., Switzerland
      • Family of Mr. Werner Weber in 6032 Emmen, Switzerland
      • Mrs. Karin Weber Foehn, Siegwartstr. 11, 6403 K-snacht am Rigi, Switzerland
      • Elisabeth Baumann in Switzerland
      • Mr. Probst Hermann in Switzerland
      • Family Nussberger in Switzerland
      • Family Pesko in Switzerland
    3. Local and International Organization's Donors 
      • Church Buempliz in Switzerland
      • Pfadfinders "Aubachtal" Mönchberg und "Germania" Elsenfeld in Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany
      • Mönchberg Communion Children in Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany
      • Association " Hilfe fuer Kambodscha " in Mönchberg Commune, Miltenberg District, State Bavaria, Germany